Back to School? Back to Yoga.

Back-to-school time doesn’t need to be stressful, but even a little bit of stress caused by the excitement of a new school year can throw kids (and you!) a off your game.

Here are some ways to consciously slow yourself down when you recognize you’re stressed–and you can teach these coping mechanisms to your littles, too!

Take Five

(Breaths, that is.)

When you notice signs of stress, give yourself permission to close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths. The extra oxygen increases blood flow to your brain, and restores a sense of calm and well-being. Doing this simple exercise can greatly assist in relaxation of your body.

Taking 5 deep breaths is an easy way for kids to calm themselves and allow for clearer thinking.

Stretch Your Neck

Sit up straight, let your arms hang at your sides, and slowly lower one ear down to one shoulder. Hold for a few seconds, return to a neutral position, and repeat the exercise on the other side.

After that’s done, slowly bend your neck towards your tummy and simply let go. Carefully return to a neutral position, and repeat all three stretches if necessary.

Create a Personal Mantra

Softly chanting something soothing to yourself can be incredibly stress-relieving. This works great with kids, too. Choosing something like “I am calm” or “Be soft, be slow” can really work wonders.

Close your eyes, then breathe slowly and evenly while either verbalizing or thinking your mantra to yourself. Do this five times.


Finding a quiet spot to sit with your eyes closed is key. Focus on your breath, and how your body responds to breathing deeply. Try to take a time out for five minutes, but even doing this for two minutes is helpful.

With meditation, it’s a great idea to create a routine each morning in which to start your day with a sense of calm. Meditating during acute times of stress is great too, but making it an everyday habit can help ward off that stress to begin with.

CLICK HERE to find some guided meditations for kids.

Come to Class

It really is the BEST. Practicing yoga regularly helps to combine everything we just recommended above. For a class schedule, visit our website.

By practicing the above tips, you and your kids can take charge of your back-to-school stress so that everyone experiences a better transition.



Yoga Doesn’t Take Time; It Makes Time

We get it: between school drop-offs and pick-ups, plus trying to get homework done before earlier bedtimes, September can be a crazy busy month. But that doesn’t mean you should let your yoga practice fall by the wayside. Rather, embracing and sticking to your yoga practice can be helpful for keeping you calm and focused during the otherwise hectic time. Plus, yoga can help you to feel more energized throughout the day, whether it be a kundalini or power yoga class to invigorate you, or a yin or restorative flow class to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Practicing yoga is an excellent way to practice self-care and get a chance to make time for yourself, whether it be heading to a class at a local yoga studio, popping in a DVD, or simply exploring your own flow.

Benefits of Making Time for Yoga:


Get a Boost

Yoga is great for so many things, and improved energy is one of them. Not only does an invigorating yoga practice help to naturally boost your energy, but yoga can also help improve sleep, leaving you feeling more rested overall. Plus, the energizing and calming breathing you learn in yoga class can translate to your everyday life, giving you something to rely on during your day-to-day.

Take Quiet Time

Chances are you’re constantly (or nearly constantly) tethered to your smartphone or laptop. Yoga gives you an opportunity to shut things down and disconnect, if even for 5 minutes. Yoga is an excellent, quick vacation from technology, and leaves you better equipped to deal with challenges when they arrive post-practice. Plus, if you’re a busy parent, your yoga practice can be your “me time.”


It can be so easy to try and please everyone and say yes to everything, but it isn’t always the healthiest. By making time in your day for exercise, whether it be walking, taking a yoga class, or heading to the gym, you’re putting yourself and your health first. From here, you can begin to prioritize about what’s really important to add to your calendar and what you may be better off without.

Tips on Making Time for Yoga:

Yoga In The Park

Start Your Day Off Right

Heading to bed a few minutes earlier and practicing yoga when you first wake up is a great habit to get into – you may even find it gives you a better boost than your morning coffee! Not only does it help you begin your day feeling more centered and help you fit in some exercise before your day gets started, but yoga has also been shown to make you a quicker, better thinker, which can help you be more efficient throughout the rest of your day.

Make Yourself Accountable

It’s easy to justify to yourself why you can skip out on that yoga session. But if you make a commitment to hold yourself accountable, you’re more likely to show up. Try registering for a class in advance and scheduling it in your calendar, or make a plan to head to a studio with a friend.

Be Flexible

Not that kind of flexible. Flexible with your time. It can be hard to commit to a full yoga class – especially when you’re not in the mood. However, something is better than nothing! Try to keep a mat in your office or bedroom, so you can roll it out and do a quick practice during the day. It’s also a good idea to try to do a shorter workout than skipping it altogether. Oftentimes, you’ll find you end up sticking it out through the whole thing.


Bottom Line?

You don’t need to feel like taking time for your yoga class is taking away time from your responsibilities. Rather, making time in your day for yoga can have many benefits – especially when you’re crazy busy.