5 Reasons to Practice Yoga Outside

Yogis. You know we love our studio, but we also love to shake things up once in awhile. This summer, we’re offering one yoga class a week at Glenridge Park from 8:30-9:30pm on Wednesdays. This is your opportunity to find out why taking your practice outside can produce major benefits to your regular yoga routine!

Not sure? Read the following 5 reasons to practice yoga outside this summer:

You Become Better Connected to Your Neighbourhood

Giving up the privacy of a studio to practice yoga outside can be empowering for you and encouraging for onlookers! Also, the sound of the birds and other wildlife can help you feel connected to what the world is like in your immediate environment. 

Your neighbourhood is a great place to practice yoga!

The Terrain Makes it Harder

Challenge your body with an uneven surface to practice on!

If studio yoga has become a bit monotonous for you, then outdoor yoga should take you to the next level. Typically, practicing yoga outside increases core tension and demands better balance.

There’s No Competition for Mat Space

You know when you arrive twenty minutes early to class so you can throw your mat down before space becomes dismal? Yeah–you don’t have to do that with outdoor yoga!

With plenty of available space, you can roll in 5 minutes early and set up wherever your beautiful heart desires. Speaking of beautiful…

It’s Beautiful

Practicing yoga outside is beyond scenic. If you’re getting tired of staring at a wall while in tree pose, consider outdoor yoga. Birds, bees, flowers, and actual trees.

That becomes your yoga environment.

You Become Intimate with Nature

We realize nature has been a running theme in this post, but here’s the deal: you and nature? You’re one and the same–you deserve to spend more time together.

Especially in the summer when the option is available to us almost every day!

Becoming more connected to nature is an actual practice–it’s called Earthing! By practicing yoga outside, you engage in a form of Earthing that is beneficial for your body, mind, and soul.

Yogis, consider attending our new Wednesday night yoga classes in Glenridge Park, taught by Jess from 8:30-9:30pm. Sign up in studio or online, using the Mind Body app.