Acro Yoga

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Acro Yoga is exactly what it might sound like: acrobatics combined with yoga—it and often involves the participation of two people and one spotter.

Imagine back to when you were young (like, really young), between the ages of 2 and 5. Remember being silly and playful with a parent as they lay flat on their back on the floor and while holding your hands and proceeding to lift you off the ground with their feet on your tummy?

You (the flyer), are elevated high in the air with your legs and arms stretched out as far as you can reach. A vulnerable, yet powerful and free sensation overcomes you.

There is an unbreakable trust you have in your parent (the base), that they will hold you steady with the center of gravity and protect you from falling. Don’t worry though, because your other parent (or a sibling at least—the spotter) is standing by to watch over you and offer guidance.

That is essentially Acro Yoga. In fact, that exact post is a basic one called The Front Bird. Of course, the form between a child and parent would need a little attention due to the uneven balance of body weight and size, but you get the idea, right?

Acro Yoga roots back to the beginning of the century and has come a long way over time through development and training by practitioners:

“The initial fear and doubt Acro Yoga elicits turns into elation and empowerment, as people build the trust and confidence needed to spread their wings. Connect with your partner and let go of your fears with this social form of yoga.” (1)

Benefits of Acro Yoga

Physically: As with regular yoga, Acro Yoga is yoga for every body. Your size doesn’t matter, and you must be willing to both give and receive—like a friendship!

Spiritually: This beautiful form of yoga is very fun and requires trust in your partner. This makes for a meaningful experience, and creates a community of people who want to work together to achieve something new and exciting.

Who Can Do Acro Yoga?

Our Acro Yoga classes are safe and fun for all levels, and will teach you the techniques and skills you need to fly, base and spot confidently and safely.

If you have previous experience with Acro Yoga, then that’s perfect. Come on out and have some fun—you’ll have the opportunity to play and practice while building new skills and techniques, so whether you’re new or have experience, you will be given options to propel you further along your journey.

Visit Parallel Yoga to experience first hand the benefits of Acro Yoga! We have a workshop today from 12-1pm with Stef (it’s not too late to sign up!), and regular classes currently scheduled for every other Saturday at noon. The complete list of classes can be viewed on our website HERE.