Bump to Baby: Taking Comfort in Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy can easily be named the greatest gift of a lifetime for an expectant mother, but with pregnancy comes that lengthy and sometimes overwhelming list of things to prepare for before the baby arrives. Nine months can seem like a long time to get ready (especially in those first few months), but trust us, it will go fast! Our best advice to you, for the sake of yours and your baby’s health and well-being, is to just slow down.

Take the time to find comfort and relaxation with your growing bump—try prenatal yoga! Expectant moms all over the globe find comfort in prenatal yoga, and here’s why:

Increases Strength and Flexibility

A common question we get at the studio from an expectant mother is, “I’ve never done yoga before; is that okay?” The answer is YES. You do not need to be an experienced ‘yogi’ when it comes to prenatal yoga. With very little impact on your joints, you can expect to tone your muscles, improve your balance and promote healthy circulation, all the while supporting the process of your growing baby bump.

Promotes Peace of Mind

One of the first things you’ll learn to do in a prenatal yoga class is to breathe—fully. This form of breathing is known as ujjayi breath.

Breathing very slowly and concentrating on each breath involves calmly inhaling through the nose and filling your lungs as your belly and chest expand. Then, gently release that exhale as your stomach compresses and your heart rate settles into a peaceful and calm rhythm.

Breathing fully promotes almost instant relaxation and peace of mind which will be very useful throughout pregnancy, during labour and delivery, and even into motherhood—those cute kiddies can be frustrating at times!

Many studies have concluded that a happy pregnancy equals a happy baby, and that makes perfect to us.

Allows Early Connection with the Baby

During prenatal yoga, you’ll find yourself in a natural state of self awareness, paying close attention to all the sensations in your body, including your thoughts and emotions. Don’t be surprised if you feel those first little fluttering taps in your tummy during a prenatal yoga class.

What a wonderful way to bond with your growing baby and feel an early connection!

Prepares you for Labour and Delivery

When it comes to labour and delivery, everyone has a unique story and there is no way to guarantee equal experiences. Through prenatal yoga, you’ll be naturally trained to stay calm when you need it the most. You’ll be well prepared to trust your body and allow the process to happen as it should.

Aside from being prepared mentally, your body will also be toned physically in the pelvic floor, hips and abdominal core muscles which will assist in the birthing process. The breathing techniques taught in yoga will significantly help you manage or reduce pain during contractions, too.

Once you’ve been given the go ahead from your doctor, we would love to welcome you and your baby bump to our studio. From 4 weeks to 40, our trained instructors will provide you with an amazing journey throughout your pregnancy. To preregister or to learn more about the benefits of prenatal yoga, we encourage you to email or call us at (604) 746-4070.