Spring Clean Your Yoga Routine

Happy April, friends! Winter is past us (yay!), and spring is definitely in the air. So why not spring clean your yoga routine?!

We spring clean everything else—our homes, cars, shopping habits, diets, and more. But something that many of us do on a weekly (or even daily) basis is workout and exercise! Your body gets used to the same routines, so why not work new muscle groups and stretch different ligaments? It’s like a spring makeover for your mind, body, and soul.

Here are 5 ways to spring clean your yoga routine:

Swap your Restorative for Hatha

Or, if you want to get crazy, throw in a power class! But if you only attend the same yoga class time and time again, you won’t be pushing your body to discover new limits. It’s all about getting outside of your comfort zone and challenging yourself to move deeper and find the new within yourself.

Practice at a Different Time

Yes, really! Just as it’s important to shake things up when it comes to classes, it’s also a good idea to practice at different times of the day. By asking your body and mind to make a change, it improves your ability to be flexible with time and space.

This is good for you!

Double Up Your Classes

Think a 60-minute class is all you can do? No way! Why not try taking a more physically demanding class like Strong or Flow, then following it up with a Stretch or Yin? Think about the benefits your body would receive from committing to two hours of yoga every now and then! You’ll never know what this can do for you, until you try it.

Increase Your Time in the Studio

If you typically practice 2-3 times per week, why not try increasing that number? Challenge yourself to add another class or two to your weekly schedule, and be amazed at how that small increase changes your body and brain!

Combine Your Practice with Running

Yoga and running could not be more different—which is why they’re great to combine! The high-impact and fat-burning capabilities of running are a perfect complement to the gentle stretching and balance-building poses that yoga has to offer. Try alternating days, 6 days a week.

Push and test your body, and you’ll see better results. Or, if you already go pretty hard, slow down and attend those stretch classes. The bottom line, is that your body can benefit from switching up your routine. Here‘s a list of current classes we’re offering. Take a glance and see how you can spring clean your yoga routine!

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