Yoga: Body, Mind, and Soul

The practice of yoga is one that is personal to each who participates. Although there are many different types of studios that offer many different styles of yoga, there are 3 core entities that can’t be manipulated or ignored if yoga is truly practiced properly. To fully embrace everything that yoga has to offer, the focus must be equal on the following:


Yes, yoga is good for your body. It helps to stretch and pull and bend the muscles and ligaments that are often overlooked. Postures assist with strength, balance, and increased blood flow. Your body reaps the rewards of increased lymph drainage and circulation to the extremities that are typically forgotten.

For these reasons, your body is thankful for your practice.


In yoga, we are taught to breathe mindfully and look within. We learn patience and self-love, acceptance for what we cannot change, and the joy of bettering ourselves for ourselves—not for anyone else. We learn to direct negative thoughts and kiss them goodbye, and we consciously allow ourselves to have the patience and humility that we need in order to grow and receive light.

For these reasons, your mind is thankful for your practice.


Yoga is not just about those who practice it—it’s about recognizing the strength we have as a community and the love we are able to show one another. It’s about togetherness, support, and oneness. Through the practice of yoga, we evoke our connection to the earth and to each other.

For these reasons, your soul is thankful for your practice.

So there may be different ways to approach the practice of yoga and different teaching styles, but in its essence, we can’t forget that yoga isn’t just about ‘getting a better bikini body’ or competing for ‘most toned abs’. Yoga is about finding ourselves—our true selves—and reaping the rewards along the way.

Body. Mind. Soul.

What does yoga mean to you?