5 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

We all make resolutions, all the time. (Not just on New Year’s.) Whether we realize it or not, we attempt to make small (or large) promises to ourselves that we think will make us better or improve our lives in some way. Maybe you told yourself last night to skip a second glass of wine. Or perhaps you’re thinking about cutting calories to lose a few holiday pounds in January.

Whatever promises they may be, you’re making them. We all are.

But this New Year’s, let’s all try to make kind resolutions. Kind to others, kind to ourselves, and kind to anyone who may be affected by them. Most importantly, let’s try to stick to resolutions that are for us, not for others.

Here are 5 resolutions that are not only kind, they’re realistic, and they’re worth some heavy consideration:

Prioritize Sleep

Many of us don’t do this. Instead, we prioritize our to-do list, which often means less sleep. Sleep is vital to our health, and when we don’t get enough, we suffer very obvious consequences: exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, weight gain, lessened productivity, poor eating habits, and general declined health.

Your to-do list will always be there; it evolves daily, and will never be completely done. So stop living for the list, and start living your life–a life that is often extended and happier when you get better quality sleep.

Actively Seek More Face Time

This suggestion is not to be confused with Facetime on your iPhone. We mean real face time—face-to-face interaction with other human beings without distraction. Communicate the old-fashioned way, and take note on any differences you notice. Text less; talk more. When you are conversing with someone, give them your full attention.

It’s been said that we only need 3 things to be truly happy: financial stability, the consistent feeling of being needed or depended upon, and good personal relationships. Oddly enough, it’s often the last point that most people overlook.

So don’t. Make 2016 the year for genuine interaction, and reap the emotional benefits that come with it.


Practice Being Still

You can do this by meditating for 5 minutes each day. 5 minutes might sound silly, but you know what? Not all of us can commit to even that. It’s too bad, because studies show that meditating for just 5 minutes every day can improve sleep and stress levels, provide clarity, and increase the amount of time you spend feeling thankful or having gratitude.

If you make this a routine just before bed, you will manually shut down your body and mind, and allow your thoughts to wander and rest. This sets the stage for a great night’s sleep, which you now know is so important.

Don’t Count Calories; Just Eat Well

Resist the urge to pull out the calculator or write down everything that makes its way into your mouth! Stop it. You don’t need to do that, if you just eat well. Here’s a trick: before eating (or drinking) anything, ask yourself one question:

“Will this nourish my body, and provide the right kind of energy for growth and repair?”

If the answer is yes, then eat it. If the answer is no, then don’t. It can be very simple—we just need to be conscious when choosing what to consume.

Eat consciously.


Mindfully Work on Your Yoga Practice

This last suggestion may sound like a plug for yoga, and it is. Yoga is good for your body and mind. It feeds your soul. It stretches your muscles and ligaments, and lubricates your joints. It forces you to breathe slowly and deeply, thereby taking more oxygen into your blood stream. Yoga encourages you to find love and peace within yourself, and contributes to self-love and appreciation. It’s kind and centering and often results in positive realizations and feelings of blissfulness.

So work on your yoga practice.  Even if you commit to 2-3 days a week, your life will improve as a direct result.

The Bottom Line

This new year, year 2016, resist the urge to make resolutions that may not be realistic or kind to yourself. “I’ll lose 10 pounds!” is neither of those things. Instead, commit to a healthier life, and greater happiness will follow. Let go of the rest.

We hope to see you here in January!

Happy Holidays, and Namaste. Love, PY.